Center line type failure

It’s particularly frustrating that the dashing for the center line type is not justified to the center of the line.

I’m still using SU 2021, can anyone verify if this issue has been resolved in 2022? Perhaps I’ll finally download and install the upgrade if so… If not… Well maybe we can add it to the feature request for 2025? Or maybe the next update? Until then I guess I’ll keep scaling lines until they are approximately representing these critical relationships…

Upload an example LayOut file that shows us what you are seeing? We can compare the result in LO2022.

Here you go
CenterLineTypeIssue-2021.layout (14.8 KB)
Here’s an image of the same file

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It would really be beneficial for all layout line types to be center justified.

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I see what you are referring to and yse, it would be nice. It’s possible to set the lines up that way with some small line weight adjustment but it would be better if it was automatic.

Thanks for the quick response and verification @DaveR. I’m not sure who to tag that could incorporate this seemingly simple tweak for the next build version. If you have someone in mind please mention them.


Just put a post in the LayOut Feature Requests category. Those folks from the LayOut team who look at the forum will see it.