Lines showing through object in front

Hi everyone,

First time posting here although I’ve read a lot of posts when looking for answers previously. Hi!

My problem is that lines of background objects are showing through the surface of foreground objects in my model. The lines are showing up as broken lines to indicate they’re behind the foreground option but I’d still like them to be hidden. I’ve made sure the fill colour is at full opacity.

I’ve read a couple of posts with people having the same problem and the advice has been to increase the thickness of the foreground object. Originally my object was a paper thin wall so I figured ‘bingo - that’s it’ but even changing the object to a 30cm depth doesn’t hide the lines. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be? I’ve been using Sketchup for many years but not had this problem before.

I’m using Sketchup 17 on the web and I’m on Mac OS Mojave.

Many thanks for to anyone who can help,


That looks like it might be back edges. Try Keyboard shortcut K


Yes definitely Back Edges. As Shep says, k is the keyboard toggle for it. You’ll also find it under the view menu/ edge style.

Thanks guys but when I do keyboard shortcut K it just brings up the rectangle tool. Is this possibly something that’s different for Macs??

Here’s another picture when I add some plants between the windows and the backdrop. I’m don’t think this is backedges - it’s the outlines of the objects behind the front object. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding you or being daft.

As box says

If you are using the web version try clicking on the magnifying glass then type "back and see if an item is there for back edges. It should also show the shortcut.

It is without doubt Back Edges.
r should be the shortcut for rectangle.
Have you changed the default shortcuts?

Sorted. It was totally Back Edges. I’d never seen that feature before. Thanks so much everyone. This group is rad!