Can see through all of the objects in design


Hi everyone, I saw that there are dashed lines in my design (I am currently building an auto body shop). Also, with the cars, I can see all of the “components” in them. Does anyone know what this is, and how I can fix this? Thanks. (By the way, sorry that the image quality is poor. My computer was not taking snapshots.)


Also, this issue was not in my other Sketchup models.


You may have accidentally toggled show Back Edges on (standard shortcut K).

Look at menu View/Edges/Back Edges and see if it is ticked.

Or else you may have Xray mode turned on. Look at menu View/Faces/Xray.

It’s very hard to tell from the image.


Thanks a lot. Your first suggestion fixed the problem.


Glad that solved it. Please mark the solution ‘solved’ for the benefit of others who have the same issue.