Lines on objects show through

In Layout, lines of balusters show through the handrail. The model is perfect for Sketchup. Does anyone see this issue? If I change to the balusters dont show through but the image quality is poor.

you mean in the preview ? it’s normal, same way, the shadows are really ugly.

Layout, like similar softwares (looking at you indesign) do that to lower the computing power required.

question is, when you export, is it ok ?

You can adjust that in the document configuration (not the general preferences, the document ones), in “paper”. you can ask for a high res on screen and export.
Or you can leave it to medium, and ask for high res only as you export.

Exports are the same. I have been using SU for 12 to 15 years. On the high-resolution view, I have never seen this bleed-through.

I attached a screen capture of the same model in Layout’s previous version. This is a new version issue.

The handrails were created in Profile Builder 3. The only place the bleed-through I have found so far is in the handrails. Any thoughts out there?

Are you able to share the Layout file ?

You’re opening post - which image is what ?

In your latest post the image is showing textures…?

Too large but I can send a link.

The top is a clip of SU, and the bottom Layout. There are textures in the Layout file, but now on the rail and only a color on the windows that bleed through.

Send a link…

Your profile says you are on 2022 but you are saying that this is a 2023 issue…?

I’ve been using 2023 since it was released and I haven’t experienced this ( …yet )

Yes … I just started moving to 2023. I think prematurely.

“C:\Users\Tom\OneDrive\SU issues\Mincberg Preliminary Pricing Set 012831 A2 2023V Elev.layout”

That’s just text showing the path to the file on your C drive…?

sorry… I typical share from the MAC for security. I do that now.

The math involved in drawing vectors is different to the math for drawing rasters. If you are using Hybrid, and the model is a long way from the Origin, the difference in the math could lead to edges showing through.

Either using only Vector or Raster, or see if the model can be closer to the origin, and check if Hybrid is improved.

Not a long way. Raster works, but vector and hybrid do not. Raster quality will not work for CDs.

I have done this countless times, and this model is a conversion from 2022. The same SU model and same Layout in 2022 work just fine. The problem I have is I invested all this time to convert the SU model, and now Layout has this issue. So, I am faced with the decision to go back to 2022.

Your balustrades solids enter into the bottom rail/plinth (whatever it is)…

When I trim the balustrades so that they butt precisely against the bottom rail/plinth…



All the doors and windows behind the top rail also bleed through. All vertical lines behind the rails.

The back side of the handrail and bottom rail bleed through the corners. It is as if parts of the top and bottom rails are clear.

There are additional vertical lines in the balusters (ghosting) at the curved handrail in the north facade and in other places.

And again, it does not do this in 2022. So, there is something odd going on.

You’ve got intersecting solids everywhere, e.g. glass solids are entering into mullions.

Why would that matter? And why would it not matter in 2022 and matters now?