Lines in hybrid not lining up with textures

For some reason the lines of my image don’t line up with the textures when I put it in hybrid. I’m using a Mac with Mojave 10.14 and a Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB graphics card. I’ve had this problem on other operating systems and other versions of Layout as well (currently using 2019). Can’t find any solutions online, if anyone has an idea how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated!

How about uploading the .SKP file so others can verify what you are seeing.

I’d be interested in seeing the LayOut file and testing it on other machines. Could you share it?

Thanks for the quick replies! Here’s a link to the .skp and layout files

Interesting. I’m seeing the same behavior on my machine with Hybrid although not in Vector or Raster. It turns out it’s due to the model location relative to the real origin in the model. The ditance is fairly large. I reset the model axes and moved the model closer to the origin and the rendering looks as expected.

FWIW, I also purged unused stuff from your model and got rid of this:

Instead of having the myriad copies of the floor plan spread across your model space and the issues associated with that, it would be better if you make proper use of layers. One instance of the floor plan and walls is plenty. You can add the various furniture and fixture components and put them on different layers. You might have a layer for Option 1 and another for Option B. Then switch between them for the various versions of the rooms.

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Yes, what Dave said. The math used to scale raster is minutely different from the math in doing vectors, but if the geometry is far enough away you will see differences in the scale of each version.

Thanks Dave! Great advice. Are the purging and layer tips relating to the hybrid problem or more of good general advice? Either way, thanks again.

Dave, another thing I forgot to mention is that I didn’t have the problem with hybrid view when it was from a slightly different angle… If you’re in my sketchup model and make scene 12 hybrid, it works fine.

Purging and the layer thing are general modeling things. They will help in both SketchUp and LayOut.

I’ll look at scene 12. I concentrated on scene 11 since that was the troublesome one.