Lines distort to Polylines when exporting 2D Graphic - SU2023

Generally, I can export a 2D graphic and it show up as a .dxf exactly how it presents in the model. As of yesterday, when exporting a 2D graphic as a .dxf, I end up exporting polylines instead of the exact geometric outline from the model. I know this because when I import the .dxf it comes in with wild polylines.

I confirmed that it works correctly on a colleague’s computer. I tried restarting my computer, updating SketchUp, etc. Please help!

Upload the .skp file to the forum, otherwise, it becomes a guessing game.

So, what happened yesterday ?

Did you change the default DXF export options or did you run an extension that might have changed those options ?

Did you update SketchUp in the past few days ?

To me it looks like SketchUp has exported polylines with width. There is a checkbox on the export dialog that determines whether profiles or section cut edges are exported as polylines or lines. Is that checked? Then, the app you are viewing the DXF with has applied a scale factor to the widths, or the model is very, very small.


Exporting polylines with width was toggled on somehow, so that was the issue. Thank you!

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