Lines Between Adjacent Groups

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Ok lets get real. So my newest issue is finding a way to hide lines that are adjacent to each other but are in different groups. Example You have two groups and you want to leave them as separate groups. Lets say they are identical cubes. Then you take those two groups and butt them together, the side of one is touching the side off the other. So now when you look at them they look like two cubes pressed against each other. How do you keep hem in their separate groups but make them look like one object. See the image below. The arrows are pointing to the lines I need to make invisible.

Open the groups for editing, select and hide the relevant edges, or go to the view menu and turn off edges, or use Enoroth’s plugin for hiding joining edges, are three options that spring to mind.

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I don’t have the plug-in but the other two options didn’t work. Yes technically they did hide the edges but when you orbit around they still show up. Thanks for trying to help.

If there are faces in the seam areas, make sure you hide them, too.

As @DaveR mentions, the easiest way is to double click the relevant face and hide it, this hides the edges and the face in one go.

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Could that be a video card issue? Show us a screenshot or, better still, upload the file.

Thanks guys. I got it to work. You info was very useful. thanks again.