Missing visible edges on one same group between two scenes of same style

Hi, guys can’t seem to figure this one out! In two separate ‘scenes’ of the same ‘style’ two identical ‘groups’ appear differently. The first shows all ‘edges’ of the ‘scene’, the second hides the edges on two (identical) groups only.

I am I missing something obvious? tried turning on all etc and various other things including redrawing and re-inserting. Perhaps I’ve been working too much in isolation!

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received

Many thanks in advance

It’s hard to tell what’s happening just from screenshots.

Can you upload your model (the .skp file)?

I’ve just discovered the issue! It was a tag (layering) issue.

Despite thinking I had turned on all of the tags some were turned off still in a collapsed folder.

First time use of the new 2021 folder systems!

Thanks for your prompt response, hopefully I’ve sorted it now.

Check that you are using tags correctly. The consensus is that all edges and faces ought to be Untagged/Layer0, and only groups and components be assigned any other tag. To deviate from this you must have a clear conception of what you are doing.

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Valid point and reminder thanks, fully aware of the need to keep lines faces etc on Layer 0 somehow unbeknown to me they had moved onto another!

Many thanks for the reminder

Hi, many thanks for the jog! I have no idea how those random entries came about. Hopefully, they are correct now.

Thanks again, keep up the good work :grinning: :clap:

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A common cause of this is exploding a group or component that had been assigned a tag/layer other than untagged/layer0. The current (unfortunate) SketchUp behavior is that when a tagged group or component is exploded all the raw geometry within inherits the tag information. It is something that many have requested be changed, until it is, one must be vigilant whenever exploding anything.