Lines and material don't match

Lines and material don’t match match when I set Hybrid. What could be the problem? I’ve tried different styles but without success.
I’ve noticed the closer I get to the window, the worse it gets.

One thing that can cause this is if your model is at a great distance from the origin. Is that the case in your model? Can you share the LO file?

I’ve noticed the closer I get, the worse it gets.

Can you share the LayOut file? The PDF won’t provide anything the screen shot doesn’t.

As I guessed. For the physical sizer of the model, it’s at a fair distance from the origin. Move the model to the origin and reset your scenes.

Here I’ve moved your model to the origin and set up a similar scene to the one you show in your screen shot. No problem with edges and faces not aligning in Hybrid render.

FWIW, I noticed that you have incorrect Layer/Tag usage. All edges and faces should have Layer 0 assigned to them.
Screenshot - 2_4_2021 , 7_28_51 AM

And it wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff from your model once in awhile.
Screenshot - 2_4_2021 , 7_29_08 AM
That reduced your file size by a little over 42%.

Now it’s working. Thank you very much

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Glad that got you sorted out.

One more thing while I’m looking at your file. I notice that you made the back face the same color as the front faces. That’s really not a good idea. You should be correcting reversed faces if you get them, not just masking them. Reversed faces can cause you problems down the road. Modeling cleanly as you go will make for less work later, too.

Here I switched to my default style which uses the green for the back face color.

Ok, thanks!!