Line weights from SU to LO

In my SketchUp model, I opened the Styles window, selected a style to use for Sectional Elevations, and modified it by going to “Modeling” and changing the Section Line width to 3. So

I saved the change, saved the relevant view, and saved the model.

In my Layout drawing, when i import that view, the lines widths are all constant; the section lines have gone back to 1, rather than showing thicker. What am i doing wrong?!

Share the Layout file if you can or take some screenshots your Layout with the model tray in view…

Did you update the style?

As Paul requested, share the LO file so we can see your setup.

Sorry all - I’ve found that it is working properly, but the thickness is “scaled” so if I set the section line thickness to 3 in Sketchup it looks like all the other lines. To get it to look a bit thicker in LO, I need to set the section line thickness much higher - like 8 or 10 for it to show as different in the LO view.

In SketchUp line thicknesses are measured in screen pixels so that a thickness of 3 is 3 pixels wide. In LayOut, the line width setting in the SketchUp Model tray settings uses “paper” units and refer to the “1” pixel width in the model, and, again, other model lines use a multiple of that. So a SketchUp line width of 3 will, again, in LayOut output be 3 times as wide as the thinnest line. Do not pay too much attention to what things look like on screen when zoomed out.

the attached image is a screenshot showing SU to the right and the LO sheet behind it to the left. No amount of zooming in or out will make SU show anything even vaguely similar to the LO screen. Hence my confusion, and the reason for the original post. I hadn’t really expected to get matching WYSIWYG between the two but they do look very different!

please share your file.

looking at your SU window, it looks like you activated the depth lines, making the lines in the foreground thicker and in the background thinner. distant elements looks to have thinner lines don’t they ?

in the style panel, could you show us the first cube, the one about lines ?

also, yes. since in SU the width is in pixels, it’s fixed on your screen. that’s why zooming out makes model looks less readable.

in layout, it’s in pt. meaning it’s at the scale of the paper and the print.

What you could do in SU is to extract the cut line (right click on your section) and paste it aside. and in layout, you could stack viewports and add a view to the cut line alone on top of your model. It would allow you to adjust the thickness as desired, since the cut line would be in a totally different viewport.