Line weight in SU and LO

Hi, I am having trouble with line weights. I am trying to draw a large site plan 2 1/2 acres. I am using 36x24" paper. The scale is set to 1"=30’. When it prints, the lines are too thin. I tried changing style, but I loose the dashed lines and the sharpness? Is it because of the scale?

thanks tom

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got.

yes, what is the best way?

Upload it here if it’s not too big. If it is, upload it to Drop Box and share the link. If it’s something you can’t make public, send me the file or the link in a private message.

ok, I will up load it.

surrey line wt 6.layout (5.8 MB)

For the paper size you do have the Line Weight set a bit light.

You can increase that–I went to 2 pt just to make a dramatic difference in the screen shot. It would probably benefit from rendering the viewport as Vector, too.

Are you fine with having all of the lines with the same weight or would you prefer to keep the dashed lines a bit thinner?

And do you really want the same viewport to show on every page?


No, I would like to keep some lines lighter if I can?

And No again, this was a test print page. I am still getting used to this program. I didn’t notice all the pages, that is, until I picked them up from the printer:(. I have been struggling with this line weight issue for two days now. If you can show me how to have different line weights in same viewport, if it is possible to do in SU?

Thanks tom

Different lineweights can be done but it takes a combination of work in SU and in LO. None of it difficult fortunately.

Here’s a screen grab from LO where I’ve done that. Your building outlines are still set to 2 pt, the property lines are at 1.5 pt, and the rep cor is set to 1 pt.

First in SketchUp, I made three scenes with the same camera position.

Then in LO, I create three layers for model viewports.

The building and road outlines are on Model 1, RepCor on Model 2, and Prop Lines on Model 3. To stack the viewports, you simply copy the viewport from one layer and paste it to the next layer and in the SketchUp Model panel, change the scene and adjust the line weight as desired.

Here I have the Prop Lines viewport selected. You can see it is on Model 3 Layer and the line scale is set in SketchUp Model.

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Thanks Dave, I will give that a try :slight_smile:

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Hi Dave,
I made a simple model with three simple line groups. I then set up the layers in LO. I pasted them as you described, but the last scene chosen blocks the other out, I can only see one at a time?
I am going to include my little test file if that’s ok?

line pratice.layout (1.9 MB)

You didn’t quite do the same thing I did. All of your viewports are on the same layer.

As far as one viewport blocking out the others, you need to turn off the background in the SketchUp Model panel.

Dave, is line weight in LO physically changed when using different paper sizes?

surely it is a constant?

or are you referring to visual weight?

Yes. It’s constant. Paper size doesn’t affect the line weight. Generally I find that line weights can stand to be heavier when working on larger paper.


I got it, thanks for your help.

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