Layout line weight different than SketchUp inserted

I’m sure this is an easy setting, hopefully…

I have inserted a couple scenes into Layout so I can dimension them.
However, the Layout version line weights are huge and low res looking.

Is there a setting that will make them look like my original scene in my SketchUp model?

Layout image…

SketchUp image…

Maybe closer will make the difference…

Closer - SketchUp…

What is the Line Weight set to in the SketchUp model panel? Are you rendering in LO as Raster or Vector?

Hey Dave!
Can you tell me where to find that info, I’ve never messed with the line weight in sketchup.
LO - Again, I’m uncertain where to find that info.

In LayOut find the tray and find the SketchUp Model panel. Select the viewport to make the panel active.

Which version of SketchUp and LayOut? Your profile hasn’t been completed.

2019 LO and SU. Sorry.

SU - the only Model anything that I know of is Model Info, but nothing on lineweights.
LO - I can select the viewport, but don’t know what “tray” to look at - is this what I am looking for?

Ah, I see raster there…

Vector really screws things up…

Changing Line Scale to 0.1 helps a bid, but still pretty janky looking.


Vector will only display vector lines and flat colors but I wanted you to try that first because it’s faster. Use Hybrid to get Vector lines and textures.

So - is that as close as I can get it to look like the SU model or is there anything else I can do?
This is Hybrid…on this and Vector I get some lines that might be from in front of the model view that aren’t cropped. Also, you can see the shadow line is still pixelated instead of smooth like the SU model.

How about sharing the LO file?

In SketchUp the line weights are determined as pixels on screen, with profiles and section cut edges as multiples of that. The line weight setting in the LayOut SketchUp View tray sets the weight of the 1 pixel line, profiles etc. being still a multiple of that… How it looks on screen is determined by your Display quality setting. By setting that to High (300DPI) will make your screen match the print or PDF output better, but it ts advisable to keep that in the Low setting for better performance.