Line up the center of one rectangle with another

Would someone please tell me how I can center the narrow, horizontal rectangle against the face of the large, vertical rectangle? I have tried using the measuring tape, protractor, manually shifting and nothing works.

It’s not obvious whether you have grouped anything, but if you have, it’s easy. All you have to do is to select one object by its centrepoint and align it with the centrepoint of the other one. If one obscures the other, use X ray to find it.

If you uploaded the drawing, I or someone else could show you how.

I have grouped the two rectangles. I just started using this application, so I will need a moment to research how to upload the drawing.

Click on the file folder icon and choose Download. Download the SketchUp file to your computer and then drag it and drop into a reply to this thread.

Perhaps due to using the free version I am unable to download?

Table saw work bench (1).skp (214.4 KB)

OK. So get the Move tool. click on the midpoint along the edge of the rail, hit the left cursor key to constrain the Move direction and place the cursor on the midpoint of the edge of the leg.
Screenshot - 3_3_2020 , 1_17_28 PM

Is the brown thing a base for the bench? Or is it the top? If it’s the top it would make more sense to draw the bench right side up. If I were modeling this I would place the legs correctly first, draw the aprons to fit in between and get them into the right position. Then add the top on top of the legs.

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I was able to replicate your actions. Thank you so much!

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The brown sheet at the bottom is the base. I am working on designing it from the ground up.

Ah… You must have a flat floor. :slight_smile:

For the most part. Ultimately, I will mount leveling casters to the bottom of the bench.

So maybe something like this?

Yes! That’s exactly what I am attempting to create. Then I will have a small table set inside this table. Upon it will sit my table saw. I will cut out a hole in the top surface and use that cutout as the top of the small table.

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I was doodling and added cross rails for the saw to sit on instead of using the dropout.

You pretty much nailed it. My goal is to have about 18 inches to the left of the saw’s infeed, 8 inches in front of the infeed and the remaining length to the right of the infeed. The top will be 1/2 inch birch or oak plywood topped with 3/4 inch MDF. I am beginning woodworking, and this bench is all I can think about! I have spent my entire workday looking at this design. Thank goodness this is the slow period!

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