Aligning Two Rectangles So They Are On The Same Axis

Hello. I have just started using Sketchup 15 on Mac mainly for modelling wood working projects. Pretty simple stuff…layout various pieces of construction lumber and update the plan as I go.

One thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to align objects so they are on the same y-axis. For example, if i’m building a table I will create 4 legs. Before continuing on I want to ensure that all 4 legs are on the same y-axis. I’ve used the tape measure to align in the x-axis but can’t figure out how to quickly align objects so one object isn’t higher than the others. Hope this makes sense.



In SketchUp, this is the blue Z axis (vertical.)

With nothing selected, activate the Move tool. Click on the top corner of a leg that needs to be raised. (I am assuming you have grouped your legs, or they are component instances. If not, you should group them.))

Move up or down until you see a dotted blue vertical axis appear (running through the point you had clicked,) then stop moving the cursor. A moment later you should see a “On Blue Axis” tooltip appear.

HOLD down the SHIFT key on the keyboard to lock this first inference. You’ll see a bold dotted blue inference line overlaid upon the lighter vertical blue dotted axis.

With the first inference locked (still holding down the SHIFT key,) move the cursor to a corner of a higher leg (or any other vertex of any other edge or face in the model,) and you’ll see a second suggested inference popup which reads “Constrained on Line from Point”. Click this vertex while still holding the SHIFT key.

Your leg object will be moved vertically up to the constraint line level with the second click.

You can move multiple objects, in this same way by selecting a set of them (with the Selection tool,) before choosing the Move tool.

You can move objects this way constraining them to whatever axis you need, not just the blue axis.

That did the trick Dan! I was able to align the legs the way I wanted and it looks great.

Thanks for the help!

Mike //
These will also help explain the basic concepts of manipulating and limits of the tools. They offer different selections to further explain and open you up to new ideas. Or aspects of what SU can do to help you get your ideas out.
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