Alignment of objects along a common axis



I’ve managed to get several components that should align on an axis slightly skewed relative to one another.

How would you go about fixing that being certain that you didn’t make the problem worse? There are several components and groups in the drawing (but no layers).

SU 2016 Make, on Win 7 64-bit


Start by creating a guide line at the place the objects are supposed to align. Then use the move tool to relocate a key vertex of each onto the guide. Use inference direction locks to restrict the movement to one axis at a time. When you get everything aligned that way, use the rotate tool to eliminate any rotational skewing. Use the key vertex as the pivot center, the other end of the adjacent edge that should be on axis as the second click, and rotate to align with the guide line.


Thanks, Steve!

Your instructions helped. I got everything aligned.


Is there some reason that I overlooked that prevents me from getting this rectangle to align along my project’s center axis?
No matter how much I zoom in, I can’t convince the rectangle to snap to the center line.
Is there some setting I need to adjust?Oscar v0532b.skp (1.0 MB)


One more thing–
I’m trying to create a tail wheel for the airplane.
I draw a rectangle, then try to draw the outline of the tail wheel on the rectangle so I can push/pull the shape.
The lines I draw start sticking to other objects, which means that the vertices are not all on the same plan.
If the other objects are locked, why would my new lines stick to them, as opposed to the unlocked face that I am drawing on currently?
Thanks in advance from a new user.Oscar v0532b.skp (1.1 MB)


The challenge I am facing in getting parts to align along an axis also seems to have led to the vertical stabilizer’s not lining up with the fuselage.

Oscar v0532b.skp (1.1 MB)


Learn to work inside the group and use layer to help you.

It is better to open your own discussion for the questions you have.


Thank you for the answer, and the gif! I will study it and try to learn from your example. :grinning: