Need help aligning a rectangle between opposing points

After so many years of using SketchUp, I feel dumb for having to ask this. I’m trying to draw a desk leg of odd angles. I need a diagonal section from top to bottom, but I need it to be a specific width, and set in from the top and bottom edges a specific distance. Everything I can think of so far either doesn’t give me the width, or doesn’t line up at the top/bottom.

Something like this:


Try the Rotate Command, in conjunction with guide lines set at 2" for your top and bottom offsets.

Draw your diagonal at proper dimension, and group it so that it doesn’t stick to other geometry.

The rest being a matter of moving into position, and rotating it to intersect with the guide line marks.

I’m still not entirely sure how to accomplish that, as I need to reference off of the opposing point of my center of rotation. I don’t know how long my part needs to be, or the angle it needs to be at, which is what makes this difficult.

Here you go, two guides set to 2 inches, one board of the correct width.
Rotate it into place and cut it to suit.


You make it seem so easy… which makes it frustrating that I just can’t get it to work, haha. That’s the first thing I tried doing, and I know it should work. But when I select the point of rotation, and then select the edge on the outer guide, then move it, it’s always off by a bit. If I could get the second point of rotation to slide along the edge of the component instead of locking to a specific point it would work. But I’m always stuck with this:

You don’t have to snap your cursor to the guide, move it until the edges lines up with the guide intersection and then click to finish the rotation. You’ll normally find it will want to snap to the guide.

Alright, I guess it gets close enough~ Thank you Box and JimD

Another option would be to use "Rotation by selection of plane and angle from the FredoScale tool set. You can make the rotation exact in one go.

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That’s exactly the kind of tool I needed, Thank you!