Beginner -- how do I do THIS?

Woodworker here. I cannot seem to do what I want to do. I’m trying to draw a board that has a radius = to the board’s width; and also has a hole in it that needs to be located in another board. Simple? I thought so too!

I’ve tried a number of things. Notes: After I make the radius shown, I cannot click on the extension lines to get the edge. If I make the hole first, then the circle tool WILL NOT draw a larger circle over a smaller hole – even with Guides drawn! The attached photo shows how far I got. I used RoundCorners to get the outer curve. Now, I cannot locate the board where I want it – inside the 4 boards forming a rectangle. Both holes need to line up. I got the hole in the other board by creating a solid cylinder through both boards, then using Trim.

Is there an easier way? I can do this like falling off a log in my other CAD package.

Please help!

You need to upload the file not just an image.

Are you trying to move the radiused piece inside the frame, lining up the holes? If so, that should be pretty easy.

one way to create this…

samehole.skp (89.2 KB)


You might also consider using the 2-Point Arc tool to radius the end of the piece.

In the video I’m leveraging one of the benefits of using components to make a matching counterpart of the rail with the hole in it. And then I copied the rail, made it unique, and rounded the end of the new copy leaving the holes aligned and saving some time in the process.

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Everything was great up until the very last – I could not find a reference point to move the rounded piece to the inside of the four boards – so that the radius touches the midpoint of the inner surface of the long board.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got?

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I got it! The procedures I was missing were: 1) to create the circles OUTSIDE the component; and 2) Use a “Paste in Place” command to paste inside the component! In my Sketchup, the “Cleanup” of the radii edges is called “Softening” in the Rt-Clk menu. Ithen hid the long piece, and moved the radiused part, using the quadrant-point of the radiused edge, and moved it to the midpoint of the cross-piece. Done!

Thanks! In the future, I will attach the SKP file.

OP here, here is the completed file:
Folding Table fixed.skp (191.3 KB)

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