Trying to create a 1/4" rounder edge inside of a wood panel. Check image below

Hey everyone,

Im building a road box for a theater and they want to round over the whole box. Im creating a simple rendered model for presentation and was curious was the best way to round over the inside of the panels. I have shown only the top panel of the workbox.

I’ve used the follow me tool for the outside edges but I was curious of an efficient manner to create the same effect on the inside of the show frame.

Thanks for taking to time to read and/or solve this.

Love this forum.

Something like this?

YES, Exactly!

And for the other part:

I never thought o extrude the line segment only. Absolutely genius. I’ll have to note this for future drafting. I absolutely need that mirror tool. Thank you very much for this. You grouped the one side before you mirrored it correct?

Yes… for the groups.
For extrude a line I used plugin “Abedeo Push line”, and for the mirror the plugin “Curic Mirror”.

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Alright. As you can tell, I am a beginner at sketchup. Thank you for the lesson. Much appreciated.

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Have you seen this extension? it’s an update to a classic called RoundCorner what allows you to select and edge, or edges and then set a radius. Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse
Fredo’s plugins require a companion plugin here: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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No I haven’t. This is great. Thank you sir.

If you want to use the RoundCorner plugin, then this would be one of the ways to draw your desired model.


Is that the way this “road box” will be constructed? Or is this just for a presentation?