Line tool bug on mac in Sketch Up 2016?

Since I have switched to Sketch Up 2016 I can’t properly use the line tool any more. It rarely draws. Before I could draw lines where ever I wanted. Can anyone help me I can’t find any solution on the forum or in Google.
I’m using a standard 15 inch OS X 10.9.
Thanks in advance!

I’m using SU 2016 on a MacBook Pro retina, and I haven’t experienced anything similar to what you describe. So, please tell us in painfully complete detail exactly what you do and we’ll see if we can reproduce it. Is this happening on all models, or just certain ones? If on just certain models, could you share an example here?

Fixed it stupid mistake of me. This topic is not of further use I guess, sorry for the inconvience.

What was the fix? If it happened to you, it’ll probably happen to someone else. Your solution may be what they need.

In Sketch Up 8, you just need to click once replace your arrow and click again to make a line. In Sketch Up 2016 (and maybe 15 and 14 as well) you need to click and hold to the line tool. Sounds stupid but it took me a while to figure it out.

If you have to hold the mouse button there is something wrong with your setup.

Unless it’s a mac way of doing things.

Nope, not a Mac issue.

in all versions you should be seeing a ‘pencil’ if your drawing a line?

if you are seeing an arrow, do you have one of the ‘line tool’ based plugins that uses a different cursor and needs a drag to work? [they do exist]…


The way you click can be changed in Preferences:

The window might look different on a Mac…


similar with a few extras…