Drawing Troubleshoot


Hello all.
So, I have an issue:
For no apparent reason I cannot draw in Sketchup.
I did create a rectangle and push-pulled, created walls to it and then, I cannot draw anything on the walls.
For example, If I try to use line tool, I pick a point to start (it works) then drag it to another point (it works), but then when I click to draw the line, it just dowsn’t draw it. It si the same with other drawing tools too.
Any idea what it is about?


which mac is this on?

is it happening if you use File >> New, then draw?

edit: in View >> Edge Styles is Edges ticked?



Based only on what you’ve described, there’s simply not enough information to identify a cause and a remedy.

Your problem could be that you simply haven’t taken yourself through a sampling of the available training videos and other readings to establish a basic set of skills. I’m thinking you aren’t using inferencing to positively locate your points and they’re consequently off in deep space somewhere, but it could be something else you haven’t mentioned.



this is one possible reason, from my question above Gully…



Thank you Gully :smile:
I identified the problem and I guess you are right in a way. I had no idea my preferences had changed when I changed the template.
My clicking style had changed. I only had to go to preferences and click on the style I was used to.
I think I do have the basic skills since I’ve been doing all my projects for the past 2 years in this program but yeah… I never encountered this specific issue up until now.
Thank you guys for the help anyway.