Lines won't stick, when I draw them with any type of mouse


So a couple of days ago SketchUp was working just fine. However I cannot draw a line now inside the SketchUp environment without entering a specific numerical distance. this goes for when I try to draw just a regular line or a polygon shape. Ive completely deleted SketchUp off my Mac and reinstalled and the problem pursuits. I’ve never seen this problem before on my MacBook not sketch and I’ve been a heavy user since 2011. Ive gone into all the settings to see if something got tweaked, restored to default before I did a clean install. So I’m kind of at a loss for how to fix it because I’m in the middle of a semester at school.


How exactly? Does the Line Tool not initiate or you can’t click anywhere on the viewport?

The first thing that came to my mind while reading was the length snapping feature.

Window > Model Info > Units

If it’s enabled and set to something 1000 for example, you can experience a similar issue. But since you said, you’ve reset and re-installed everything, I don’t think this is the case. What are your OpenGL settings? Do the other tools work properly?


Or have you a faulty mouse? Does it still work in other programs?


@VahePogossian The line initiates and looks like its going to draw but when I click to end the line it vanishes! I can go crazy and click everywhere and sometimes little short lines will show up. Length snapping is enabled and as far as I can see and do the other tools are all working fine. Here is an upload of my OpenGL settings.


@john_mcclenahan I’ve tried all mouses, I’ve been using a Magic Mouse just fine for the last 2 1/2 years without any problems but it also does the same thing with my built in track pad and my Logitech mouse have all done the exact same thing but fine everywhere else.


Are you working at a very small scale?

When reinstalling on a Mac, there are a few more step that just reinstalling the program: repair.


thanks, @catamountain I got almost everything the first time around with a clean install but I forgot about the preference files. Thanks, that did it for some reason now everything is working great so I’m not sure how it got corrupted to that point but oh well its working now.