Can't snap lines

When starting my Sketchup pro classic I can no longer snap a line. I activate the pencil tool left click at one point and then draw my line to send point the line then disappears and now starts at a new point it will also just throw a line off in a random direction. Any thoughts?

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Can you share a .skp file in which this happens? Or make a screen capture video so we can see?

Have you checked your graphics drivers to make sure they are up to date?

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Sounds like you have edges turned off.
Go View/Edge Styles and make sure Edges is ticked.

Does it look like this?
Edges off


Yes it does. However under view edge style, edges is check marked

Share your .skp file.

This is happening on my PC I am more versed with my MAC I will need to figure out how to capture video

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Can you start a new file, save it, and share it? It sounds like you may have something weird going on with your template.

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@TheOnlyAaron @DaveR I am on the phone with Jason right now and captured the recording of his screen demonstrating what he is experiencing. Here is a link to the recording: Screen Recording 2021-10-14...

Uploading: Untitled - SketchUp Pro 2021 2021-10-14 09-09-05.mp4…
Weid Sketchup problem.skp (66.6 KB)

The screen recording notification covered up the Measurement box, so I can’t see what size he is drawing at… I will take a look at the SKP, though…

Scale is not the issue… I seem to remember a while back an issue like this… something to do with the mouse? As @DaveR said, it could also be a display driver issue.

Thanks I tried turning of the mouse and used track pad and there was no change. Not sure how to check the driver