Line snap not wanted

I am trying to draw a line and it snaps to another line that is near. I have not had this issue before with 2015.
Well as I can not add the before and after pic I will have to settle with the after. You can see the line is bent.

After i make the line it throws the rest of axes.

Is the object you are drawing very small? I’ve seen examples in which SketchUp’s handling of small geometry causes lines to snap to unintended nearby vertices. Can you upload the problem skp file?

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Hi @Supert8ch

Given only a picture and no model file, one can only guess.
My guess is the model geometry is exceedingly tiny, which can cause SU problems.

Try scaling the model up by some easy to work with factor, say, x100 or x1000
Scale the model down to desired size when finished.

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Thank you for the replies. Yes drawing is very small. I found that during some point in the drawing I had some lines that were just a bit off from the proceeding lines. This made the layer off by 1000s. I am really do not like the snap option doing this. I really wish it would just leave it open when not at the same level. I know better know and will have to keep better alignment when drawing.