'Enable length snapping' is on but not visible. How to turn is visible again?

While I’m hovering over my drawing, the cursor doesn’t snap to lines, components, … When I try to move something I can not see where if I’ve selected the item (end line, mid line, on line, on surface, …) And while moving I do not get any indication if I’m moving it perpendicular, paralel, …
How do I get this essential visible information back? I’m not able to draw anything at this point. I tried to restart the Mac already.

Hello, did you by any chance activate x-rays in style ? turn it off if you did !

Beside, length snapping is not required to snap to end line, mid line… it actually would make it worse if you want to snap to those points only

Hello Paul, thanks for your answer. I restarted my Mac 2e time and now it looks like its working fine again. But still this drawing is acting strange. For instance importing a component from 3d warehouse takes about 2 minutes while it used to go pretty fast.

And this time orbit and pan is unaibled.

Okay, the pan and orbit problem seems to be a problem caused by trying out an emolument vertical mouse with 3 buttons. I’ve configured it on the middle button. My excuses. By the way X-ray was not turned on.

‘Enable length snapping’, as it is currently implemented, is a totally useless feature that is best turned off if you want to model accurately. It does not snap to an invisible grid as you would expect.

Did you install Sketchup correctly?
You rightclick on the installer and choose run as administrator. You don’t need to uninstall first, just choose repair when it is offered.

The OP is using a Mac. This doesn’t apply.

Sorry, my bad…

Thanks, guys. The problem seems to be solved by restarting my Mac for the 2nd time!

Don’t forget to uncheck lengthsnapping, it can be a pain in the butt!

Good advice:

Keep in mind that as a setting in Model Info, it is specific to the model. If you want to make sure it stays turned off, start a new file, turn it off and immediately use Save as template to save it. Make it your default template for future projects.

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