Line tool bug in 2015 OS X Yosemite


Line tool drawing lines intermittent. when I draw a line sometimes it draws and sometimes it doesn’t. Using Mac OS X Yosemite. I anybody else having this problem?


No. What kind of machine + video card? Does changing styles change anything?


I am using a mid 2010 macbook pro 17. I found the problem but do not total understand, I changed the click style in preferences drawing from click-drag-release to click move click and made sure continue line drawing is checked.


I asked a few folks, and it should work either way. One question: did the OpenGL Fast Feedback setting change, or a graphics card update? It sounds a little bit like a Fast Feedback issue, but you didn’t change anything there, did you? Apple does update graphics card drivers with different OS updates and versions, so it’s not beyond the realm of belief.


excuse my ignorance, but what is fast feedback? I keep my mac updated from apple. The line tool would not draw in the project I was working on, but it would outside the project until I changed the click style in preferences. I have just loaded sketchup 2015 so everything was default.


Yea, we’re not sure how settings were changed, but a driver update could explain it.

From - Use fast feedback: Selecting the
Use fast feedback checkbox increases performance when editing large
models. SketchUp runs a test to assess whether your video card can support
this option on startup. SketchUp will activate this option if
fast feedback is supported. You can also attempt to use this feature by
selecting the Use Fast Feedback checkbox manually; however you will be
warned by SketchUp that enabling this option could cause problems on your
system if fast feedback is not supported.