Line snaps, tags and tape measure guides stopped working

-All of a sudden my line snaps stopped working. I went to view and edges and its checked.
-Cant tag a group anymore.
-Tape measure measures but doesn’t snap, drop a marker and the guides are gone.

I’ve closed out and stared back twice. No improvement.
Any suggestions?

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

Which version of SketchUp are you using?

I’m using SketchUp Pro. Not to sound ignorant but I’m not sure what a .skp file is. I’ve been taking the IDI Sketchup adv module. I’m up to the point of completing a floorplan in its entirely except for the stairs. This just started today. The program seems super glitchy.

unit 4 floor plan.skp (67.2 KB)

I got that from your forum profile. Which version of SketchUp Pro? The currrent 2023 or something earlier?

I haven’t seen anything glitchy about SketchUp regarding the Tape Measure tool snapping to points or edges in the model. One thing that would help is if you do your modeling with the Camera set to Perspective instead of Parallel Projection. SketchUp is designed so that modeling is done in Perspective. Parallel Projection is normally reserved for output.

How are you trying to tag a group? What group? There are no tags in your model file nor are there any groups. Before you can give a group a tag you need to have both a group to tag and a tag to give to the group.

Do you have Guides turned off in the View menu? If Guides is unticked then you can place all of them you want but they won’t show up.

I have several tags. Each were grouped prior to making the tag. Currently I’m trying to group the stairs and tag it.

The version is the most recent download available. I just downloaded it a couple weeks ago. Version 23.1.341

As far as perspective goes that is what IDI has instructed us to use for 2d floor plan. I can give perspective a try to see if it helps.

There’s none of that in the file you shared.

Select the stair group and in Entity Info, select the stairs tag in the Tags drop down. Or highligh the stairs tag in the Tags panel, get the Tag tool immediately to the right of the Filter field and click on the stair group.

Make sure you are only tagging groups/components in the model and you are leaving edges and faces untagged.

Again, SketchUp was designed to be used in Perspective, the way we see the world. Parallel Projection is intended for output.

Thank you for your feedback. I feel like I understand how to tag as I’ve successfully tagged other groups. I’ve gone so far as to turn off the other tags that ultimately leaves only the stairs. It wont allow me to group them and tag them. It’s acting finicky.

Well, share the file that actually has the stairs in it. As I wrote before, the file you shared doesn’t have them. This is all there is in that file.

unit 4 floor plan~.skp (89.9 KB)

There stairs in that file are already tagged as ‘stairs’.

There are no faces associated with the stairs so in order to select the object in the model space you must click on an edge.
Screenshot - 12_11_2023 , 6_13_19 PM

Not that the file you shared this time has a tilde ~ at the end of the filename. On Mac that indicates it’s the backup copy. Make sure you are not opening that file when you want to continue working on the model.

It seems as if you are trying to use SketchUp as a 2D drafting program. It’s not really designed for that. If the intent is to go 3D, it would be better and easier if your model was already 3D before getting this far along.

After I changed the cameral to Perspective I was able to to tag. Everything seems to be back in working order now. So crazy. I spent hours trying to figure this out today. Thank you again!!!

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I think IDI’s intent is to show everything in baby steps? Eventually we do go to 3D. I’m looking forward to it.

I think just part of using the tool the way it was designed to be used.

Hopefully soon. I’m not convinced staying in 2D for so long is the best method.

Good luck and I’m glad if I was able to help.

That’s still strange, I work with parallel projection a lot and I don’t have any of the issues you mentioned on this thread.