Line quality in Layout

Dear all - as I struggled with formatting lines to dotted lines, red lines etc. in SU I sent the plan for further adaption to Layout - thats what arrived in Layout :frowning:

Two questions:
A) the line quality is very bad - is there a way to improve that and have proper lines in Layout?

B) How can I select only some lines in Layout and make them fat red?

To my understanding Layout is for easy adaptions and presentations in 2D - did I get this wrong?



Are these lines in a viewport from a SketchUp model? If so, you can make the lines look much nicer by setting the rendering type to Vector. Find the SketchUp Model panel, select the viewport and change Raster to Vector. By default viewports will always be initially displayed as Raster and at a less than maximum render quality to help with computer performance. You can change the quality if you want or just wait until export and set that quality higher. Vector and Hybrid render modes will result in vector linework instead of raster linework.

If these lines are in a SketchUp viewport, there a few options for making some lines appear heavier and in color but it depends on how your model is set up. If you can share the LayOut file, I can see how you’ve got things set and show you some options.

What Dave said, along with creating scenes in SU that isolate lines you want to show differently in LO. Also in LO you can play with line type scale to create different thicknesses.

I still dont get that with the lines and colored areas. Find attached what I want to achieve as well as my full model built:

What I want to achieve.pdf (343.7 KB)

How can I in layout achieve that?

My workaround would be to just put in the coloring of areas and lines as well as the measures by hand and scan it :frowning:

I assumed in Layout you can easely change the color of lines, highlight areas, put measures in etc. - to my experience its not that easy.

Thanks for any help.

It’s best not to make assumptions.

The dimension tool makes it easy to add linear and angular dimensions. You can get surface areas with the Label tool. You can only change the color of edges and faces in SketchUp viewports by editing the model in SketchUp. In LayOut you can change the color of LayOut drawing entities and as I said, one option would be to explode the Vector or Hybrid-rendered viewport so the edges and faces become LayOut drawing entities.

One thing to get clear is that you cannot change the SketchUp in LayOut. You must change the model in SketchUp.

Looking at your PDF, it appears that you could add the red stuff using Scaled Drawing in LO. And looking at your SketchUp file, the first problem I see is that you’ve not created a scene in the model to use for the viewport in LayOut.

Quick and easy.
Situation.pdf (119.3 KB)

Thanks for all your comments and helps. Best IMO is to do everything in SU and use layout really just as viewports. I am good with the result as attached.

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