Line dimensions

I’m a newbie at this. I am drawing a rectangle and want specific dimensions to the sides. How do I do this? I am working on a laptop without a mouse so don’t have the dexterity to get this exact without inputting the dimensions directly.

Just type them in. If you’re using mm and want a rectange 100mm x 200mm you’d just type ‘100,200’ without the quotes and press return. Don’t click in the measurements box, just type the sizes.

If you use commas as decimal separators then you’d type ‘100;200’

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Just type it in where? You said to not click in the measurements box so where do I type this in? Also, if I just want to dimension a single line, how do I do that?

On your keyboard.

Look at the Measurements box to see the number being entered but don’t click on the box with the mouse.

Select the line tool, click once to choose starting point, click a 2nd time to finish to draw a line in the direction you want and type in the length you want it to be. The endpoint will be moved to make the line the length you wanted.

With any tool in Sketchup, if it is ready to take numeric input from you the field just type the numbers. Do not move the cursor into the Measurements field.