Draw a dimensioned line, rectangulars

A newbee here. I have a basic question, how can I draw a straight & rectangle with pre-known dimensions? A simple basic rectangle or a line with dimesions of my choosing?
Thank you appreciate any help. Could find anything thru’ dropdown menu.

Start to draw the line or rectangle, let go of the mouse, type the desired length or dimension and hit Enter… As you type the dimension will show in the Measurements box in the lower right corner of the screen. If you use a period as a decimal separator, use the format x, y. If you use a comma as a decimal separator, use a semicolon as the separator between x and y.

Do not click in the Measurements window. There is never any need to do that.

You should spend some time with the basic SketchUp videos in the Learn section of SketchUp.com. this would be shown to you.

When drawing an edge with the ‘Line’ tool, just (after clicking either the first or both points) type the dimension value (plus its units), representing the length, and hit [Enter]. Watch the tip down left on screen when using any tool.

For a rectangle you can enter 4m,250mm [Enter] after the first click or after clicking start end second point. (as an example)

See this video tutorial by Aidan Chopra