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I have a multipage layout document that I have been working on for a long while. Recently the walls (in plan view) of the building I am designing changed from black lines to a muddy red/brown color, just on one page of the layout document. I can’t figure out why. I am using a black and white line drawing style. The scene looks normal in SU. The faces of the walls have materials assigned to them, but that shouldn’t effect the color of the lines in a plan section. Any thoughts?Untitled.pdf (26.0 KB)


We would need to see the LO file to help you identify the exact cause.


So, I thought I figured it out, but now the situation has gotten worse, and weirder. I am attaching a link to a dropbox folder with the files, I have stripped out all the scenes that seem to be working fine from the SU model, and I have deleted all the pages that seem to be working fine in LO.

Here’s what’s happening: I have been roughly using the Sketchup for Architecture system for creating floor plans, etc. Out of the blue, my heavy-line scenes have started to act extremely strangely. As you could see in the pdf link above, some of the lines changed both line-weight and color within the same viewport. I didn’t think that was possible. That problem seems to have gone away, but now all the heavy line weight scenes do not show most of the line-work, but only when they are vector rendered. They show up fine if rendered in raster. So, the information is there, but suddenly whatever the rendering engine needs to see the lines as vectors is not there. I have tried opening a new layout document and inserting the scene into it, and I get the same behavior. This suggests that I have somehow managed to screw up my SU file in someway that I can’t figure out.

One other piece of the puzzle is that I was able to make the initial problem of the colored lines go away by applying the default color to the group that held that geometry. I don’t really see why that would change anything, but it did seem to make the initial problem go away. But I cannot seem to reproduce the fix with the larger problem that has emerged.

Thank you in advance to anyone to takes the time to help me sort out this mess. I am sure it is something I have done wrong in my modeling.

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Ok, a little more information. The lines didn’t go away, they are white. Something has happened to the default color of my walls, such that they render as white where they cut by a section plane, but only if they are rendered as a vector, not as a raster. Is it possible to edit the default color of for the model as a whole?


And now my walls have returned, and I have no idea what I did to make them return. Why would the line color of lines created by a section plane change color when vector rendered, but not in raster render? The whole time they looked perfect when the scene was viewed in SU. I guess I’ll leave well enough alone, but it makes me nervous that something like this is going to happen down the road when I’m on a tight deadline.


Has anyone resolved this? I have the exact same problem! Please post if you have…

Layout Section Cut-through Line Glitches- White Lines instead of Black

Hi all, I believe I know what the problem is. This is going to sound strange but in the past we allowed users to change the color of section cuts by painting the actual section plane. This is no longer available in SketchUp and painting a section plane does not show anything visible. However, in LayOut, if a SketchUp section plane is painted (say white) it will show up as a White section plane… This can be quite annoying if you do not know where this is coming from.

This is going to seem strange but go back and paint your Section planes Black, update the reference in LayOut and you should be good to go.

Let me know if this does the trick.



Wow, buried treasures. That was making me nuts and I ended up just abandoning those files. I wonder how I managed to paint the section planes…


Thank you guys for figuring this one out! It was so frustrating…