Line appears through dimension when printing out drawing pdf

I’m not sure this is a sketchup problem, but when I print out the PDF versions of my drawings, often times the dimension lines run through the labelled dimension. It does not appear this way in layout or in the PDF. Only when printed… Has anyone else had this problem? I attached an example.

TAN - NORTH TERRACE.layout (12.9 MB)

Can you attach the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got set up?


Are you Printing to PDF or Exporting to PDF? This is what I see when I export to PDF. This is a screenshot from the PDF.
Screenshot - 9_13_2022 , 10_38_03 AM
Might be graphics drivers?

I do see that you have the viewports and dimensions on the TEXT layer. You might want to move them to the appropriate layers.

Yeah, I export to PDF. I do not see the lines when I export to PDF either.

Yeah I have been getting lazy with some layering…

I dont think thats the issue though as I just printed from my browser after emailing the file to myself (instead of printing from my PDF viewer). The lines do not appear… It must be something with my Bluebeam Revu?

What happens if you use Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Might be. Another thing you might try is changing the font to something “bog standard”. Some of the free ISO 17 incarnations are rather crappy, I don’t know what you are using.


Bah. My eyesight is not at its best. I was sure it was Bahnschrift or something like that.

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I had to select some text to find out.

I just tried Adobe and it prints perfectly. Interesting. Bizarre.

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I’ve never used Bluebeam but there have been other reports of it not handling PDFs exactly right.