PDF Export, what in the world causes this? Thick Lines

Ive played with every option combination I can come up with including default, different styles, and so on, can someone tell me what causes this? Often times the line segments will be large blocks, dimension lines are grey.Untitled.pdf (3.1 KB)

Looks to me as if you have some issue with the export settings. When I try to open your PDF in Acrobat Reader I get the following.
Screenshot - 3_6_2020 , 1_11_25 PM

Screenshot - 3_6_2020 , 1_11_36 PM

Wrong file attached, try this one
Untitled3.pdf (2.8 KB)

Is that exported from SketchUp? Can you share the .skp and the settings you are using?

Untitled.skp (15.0 KB)

PDF export settings are Default

Im thinking its got to be a style issue. For the heck of it I switched to construction documentation style with default pdf export settings and the geometry lines are now correct but the dimension lines are still thick.

This is what I get when I export a PDF from SketchUp.

I didn’t change the style at all.

wierd, I have tried everything I can think of. Ive got it to where the geometry look like yours (correct) but the dimensions are all still coming out as those thick lines. Only on pdf.

Weird, indeed. Graphics card, maybe?

I sent your file to LayOut and dimensioned it there. I also traced it (below) to get a nice smooth curve.

Yeah, I dont get this result coming out of layout but I rarely come straight out of sketchup to PDF which is why Ive only seen it a couple times. This happened way back on a file I sent and didnt check prior to sending and just shipped it out of layout. Im runnin su2018 I will try it in 19 and see.