Confused why pdf lines don't print or are feint

I did a plan in SU and Layout then exported to pdf. When printed in pdf some of the lines are very feint or not printed at all. Any ideas what I could have done wrong?

Perhaps they are too thin for the paper size and printer. Share the LO and PDF files so we can see what you are working with.

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Which lines are showing up faint when you print?

Many of your viewports show that you have Line Scale set to 0.10 pt. That means they will print at 0.0352778 mm wide. I would expect your printer would show those lines so thin they’d appear faint.

Use a reasonable Line Scale. At least .5 pt if not larger.

The lines around walls and roof on elevationsand around the roof. There doesn’t appear to be any definition and the site plan is almost invisible

See my edit, above.

Ok So reset to .5 and see what comes out?

Yes. Might want to go thicker, too.

You could make a sample page with various line weights. Export that to PDF and print it to get an idea of how different lines scale look.

Thank you once again Dave

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You’re welcome.

FWIW, 1 point is 0.35 mm wide. That’s not very wide.

You might want to edit your post and remove the links to the files since they contain client information.

Will do. DO I leave the stroke at 0.10 or does this too need to be increased?

Stroke is for lines drawn in LayOut. This includes leaders and dimension lines. If they are also printing faintly, increase their size as well.

Thank you for explaining that too

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Probably a thicker base line width might be appropriate. The specified stroke width is applied to edges in your SketchUp model. The width of Profiles and Section cut edges is determined by your style settings as multiples of this basic width.

On one of the online courses I did it said reduce the width to as low as possible to make the line cleaner. Would you suggest I double that?

That seems like weird instruction.

Double it from what?

The stroke width under shape style is 0.10. If I understood Anssi correctly he was saying that that needed to be bigger.

Yes. I told you that, too. Make itsomething larger. Exactly how much depends on what it is being applied to and how it’s used in the document.

I got it!