Layout changing scale of dimension lines and viewport box showing

Hi can anyone help ?
I have dimensioned a drawing 1:100 in layout but my dimension lines are huge (see screen shots below) Also I have a grey box around ny viewport that I cannot get rid of / any ideas?
thanks in advance

Share your LayOut file. What size are your dimension lines and arrows set to?

If the grey box is the exact size of your viewport you may have the “Stroke” function turned on in Shape Styles.

Hi Joanna,

Are those dimensions added in LayOut or in SketchUp?

hi -ive just emailed it jo

Dave in layout


Seeing the file would help.

Wow ! thank you - one problem solved!

Hi -thank you for the help. My lines / Stroke is set at 0.10 and arrows at 0.25

Does it actually print with those thick black lines or do they just show up in the print preview?

not printed it yet TBH

Usually it prints exactly whats in the preview

I’d give it a print just to be sure.
Or export as a PDF and see how that looks…and if all else fails…“Have you tried turning it off and on again” :smiley:

What do you get if you export to PDF?
What printer are you printing to?

Hiya - ive exported to pdf and its great just as it should be - thank you .however i could do with knowing whats going on here as i like to check print preview for page errors etc etc.
thanks again

HP office jet pro 7740
never had this issue before