Faint lines showing as strong lines in PDF export layout

I am exporting some tech drawing in SketchUp layout - have created lines on the window to show that they’re glass, with a stroke of 0.1 (I want them to be faint) however when I export they come out really strong. I am not too sure what the issue is. Any help would be really appreciated!!
exported PDF


I can’t really see it in your screenshots but I expect it’s just a contrast issue in the PDF. You could change the line color for the tag(s) to a gray. That would help to make them fainter.

The first screen shot is what it looks like in the export and then the second one is what it looks like in layout. I put the stroke to the lowest value to see if it would change but it doesn’t.

The screenshots show up too small on my screen to be able to see any difference. Did you try printing the PDF? Without seeing the actual LayOut file it’s difficult to tell more.

Did you try changing the color of the lines?

Looks like everything amped up in the pdf - linework, text, dimensions?
Curious - are you exporting as a .pdf or are you printing to a .pdf? I always do the latter and have never had line weight issues.

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Be mindful, a line appearing on a PDF won’t present the same in print! If you lower line thickness or density to present well in PDF this same line will become obsolete in print due to bleed! I do a lot of brochures and for that reason I will change line weights between the print version and electronic version. It sucks, but you need to do this to always get the best end user experience. Generally for print your minimum line weight is best kept at 0.2-0.25px, for electronic I go as low as 0.1px.

Have you zoomed in on the pdf? My experience with line work and pdfs is when you look at the whole sheet on the screen, the viewer can only show the linework at a minimum size. It doesn’t fade the appearance of the lines on screen as some software does. A screen shot zoomed out gives unreal lineweights. Zooming in and printing shows the intended lineweight.

The rendering method also has an effect, especially if the style uses other than default line styles. In Vector and Hybrid rendering, all “sketchy edges” line styles are replaced with uniform vector lines, and the raster effects like fading etc. are ignored.

All of this…and O.P. should make sure the .pdf viewer is set to display line weights.

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