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How can you determine who ‘Liked’ a particular model? - No information in MODEL INFO or Analytics?

Yep, that feature disappeared with 3DW’s latest revamp, a few weeks back, at least for Make’17 users. Maybe the pro version users can still obtain those details.
Used to be there was a world map that showed where the downloads were made from, but that disappeared last winter.

Sorry, but there is only one version of the 3DWarehouse. It’s a website with some specific functionality embedded in all versions of SketchUp.

maybe we can hope to see the return of this feature in the future, it was cool to see who liked our models.

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I receive an email notification when someone “likes” one of my models. Enabling that function would tell you about them.

it’s less convenient

I agree, but given that the other option isn’t available…

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@BOBMIRDIFF, @franquin, @sjdorst, @RedC130

I receive an email everytime someone likes a model. Believe it or not, if I click on the link to the liked model within the email, I get a page, the layout of which was what we had before the latest changes to the 3DWH. So not only do I see who liked a model in the email I get, I also see it on the page in the warehouse by clicking on the “Likes” link, along with the actual number of downloads instead of just 1K or 2K as is the case with the new layout.

And while it’s true you can get an idea of the number of downloads of your model in “Analytics,” there still appears to be a discrepancy between what shows in the graph and what shows on the Model page.

Actually, the discrepancy appeared, and subsists, when one of the last 3DW overhauls occurred. The models that were posted since have an accurate download count, but the ones that were posted before then are constant, i.e. if the difference was 12 downloads at that point, it’s 12 to this day.
Thanks for the heads-up concerning the access to the old data.

Well, no more. Today, I clicked on a link in an email I received and got this …

So, just what is the reason for removing the ability to see who “liked” your models inside the warehouse?

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That ‘Feature’ appears to have disappeared, only to be replaced with a message reading, “OH NO! WE CAN’T FIND IT… :frowning: Sorry! The model can’t be found. It was probably made private or deleted.” - But is was NOT Deleted or made Private! Coincidentally, the ’ Full Like History’ has disappeared! Has this become yet another ‘Fee Paying Feature?’

@SketchrUppr we see how many people click to see who liked their models, and not that many people care, especially on other people’s models. You can continue to see the trends on your own models by clicking on “Analytics” to see Likes, Views and Downloads, then looking at the charts (for both cumulative and daily).

@BOBMIRDIFF send me a link or title of the model you’re looking for the model (presuming it’s yours, of course).

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