Liked Models, Liked Collections

What has happened to the Liked Models and Liked Collections? Those categories are visible in my own warehouse, but not in anyone else’s. Have there been complaints about people being able to see who likes what? Or as has been the reason for the demise of so many other features, was I one of only a very few that ever looked at what others like?


Forgive me that it appears I am simply “bumping” this post, as that is not my intent, and as a moderator myself, I do not like the practice. That said…I’m wondering why no one has responded to my question. There has to be an answer or reason. I realize there’s nothing I can do about any changes made to the 3DWH… but it would be nice to know why Warehousers can no longer view the “Liked Models” and “Liked Collections” of other Warehousers. And of course, if this is not something Trimble did at least I’ll know that it has to possibly be some setting in my browser, though I really doubt that since the “Liked Models” and “Liked Collections” categories are missing in other browsers.

Sorry to go dark on you SketchrUppr. This is a temporary state, Liked Models and Collections will be restored in a few weeks. Good to know that this feature is one you care about though! :slight_smile:

Thanks @psaal … glad to know those two features will return. :smiley: