Liked models and collections - 3D Warehouse Overhaul

Hello there

I’ve been using sketchup and 3d warehouse for some years now. During this time I liked a lot of models and collections in order to save time searching.

I’ve noticed that in this new “3D Warehouse Overhaul” a new “favourites” section appeared, but I can’t find my old liked collections and models.

If I search a specific model, which I remember that I pressed “like”, I still see the “heart” button pressed, however I can no longer find them in my account space.

Does that mean that I will no longer be able to see all my liked models and collections and I should start from scratch to “favourite” anything I find interesting on 3d warehouse?

(Please do let me know if this post was unnecessary)

Hi Bortoletti Haidar,

You can still get to your liked models and collections. Click on your avatar icon and then on your name directly under the 3D Warehouse icon. That will take you to your public content page here.

We realize this wasn’t as easy to find as we had thought so we’ll be making some adjustments in the next few days to make it easier to find.



Thank you very much for your answer.

I have to say that it used to be more intuitive to find them before, but now that you explained to me how to find my liked models I will survive.

Once more thank you very much.