Models with likes not showing in "Liked Models" tab


I have a number of models with likes. But when I click the Liked Models tab in My 3D Warehouse, there is only a message reading “No Models Found”. Am I missing a setting? Is this a glitch/bug?
I have found one other similar post: 3d warehouse like model bug, but it doesn’t answer my question. Any help would be appreciated.


Yea, that other forum post is different: someone liked his models… yours is looking at models you’ve liked. PM me the acct link shown in the picture: I’m not finding you.



Found it. Ah, re-read your post. You have to look at each model to see the # of likes. For example, has 4 likes. Click on “Likes” and you’ll see who’s liked your model.

On your user table, it shows what YOU’VE liked. You haven’t clicked Like on any models.



Ah! I had that backwards then. Thank you for clarifying that.

Now I need to go return the favor and like some models.