3d warehouse like model bug


So far the e-mail says 3 people have liked my 5 nights at Freddy’s 2 map but when i go to the warehouse page it says i only have one like and i click on the likes button and it still shows one person who liked it and not the 3 there should be now.

Models with likes not showing in "Liked Models" tab

It’s possible that the model had 3 likes at the time the notification was generated, but then 2 guys retracted their likes.


Yep, that’s a possibility.
We’ll double check though, to make sure there isn’t an issue with Likes not registering properly.


ok, I’m just not sure if it is a bug at all, it could have been on accident when they when to download it and they clicked like instead or if it is a bug.


Now there’s another thing, when someone likes one of my models there name doesn’t show up when i click the likes button, but on some models it does, and i know this person didn’t take it back because nipy liked all my fnaf models.