Liked models don't appear in 3D Warehouse liked model page

I get emails when people like my models I have uploaded to 3d warehouse, but in the 3d warehouse only 1 model shows up in the liked models page of my profile. Just curious as to why?

Your Liked Content is a list of model that YOU have liked. It is not a list of your models that others have liked.


Thank you Mr Aaron. I feel like I’m talking to a celebrity. I have been watching your Dynamic Component Skill Builders videos among others. Love your style. I was able to create a Unistrut dynamic component based on your ladder demonstration.
[Unistrut Dynamic Component]( )
Would love your help figuring one last step.
When you stretch the strut it applies the holes to fit. But in real life it would likely have a cut mid hole length. not sure how to accomplish this unless its a one way cut, ungroup at the end and remove stray edges.
A thought was to create a viewing plane and have it only hide the extra edges based on the scaled X-Length (if its possible to isolate the component with the viewing plan?)

Sorry long story, I’ll hush now.

thank you for your education, keep the Skill Builders

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If you want an adventure in trial and error…
Here is my current project for work.
Its a site plan for Piping and Instruments basically the whole facility in 3D.
Thank you again for your many Skill Builders, they have been priceless in this project.
Large Site Plan Sketchup

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