Downloads tally discrepancy

I like to keep tabs on my various model’s daily download counts. To this end, I keep an Excel file which details each model’s daily totals, as well as the combined total for all of them. Up to about a week ago, I could reconcile the daily totals for each model with the overall performance.
But since the beginning of this month, the combined total is always higher than the sum of the various individual model’s counts.

Hi @franquin and thanks for letting us know. We’re aware of this issue and working on a fix.

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In case this helps, the only individual tallies that show recent download activity are the ones whose totals are above 1K.

Good to know. Thanks!

I’ve just stumbled upon what should’ve been obvious to me right from the start:
The way to stay up-to-date on a particular model’s performance, nowadays, is by consulting the analytics graph, which seems to have never missed a beat. Or rather, no more beats than usual: There are often gaps that show up there, where a particular date won’t appear when the cursor’s position would normally result in a reading.
This last peculiarity has been going on for a while longer than the date of this OP would suggest.
Used to be, the performance of each model could be followed directly from the thumbnails page. Then, the ones over 1K started needing to be monitored using the analytics pane, necessitating a half-dozen clicks per model.
This latest update has seen that sad state of affairs spread to ALL models.
Obviously, aesthetics are more of a concern for 3DWarehouse UI designers than practicality. The portal gets prettier and harder to use with each revamp.

This example’s real downloads tally, as per its graph, is 51:

There’s also a lag in the “likes” tally, for which I get e-mail notifications that show the same total as the last one I’ve received.

Hi @franquin, thanks again for the feedback. I’m glad you think the aesthetics are an improvement. Now let’s see if we can get the rest of it right. :slight_smile:

Is the attached screenshot what you are referring to as the thumbnails page? And if it is, are you saying you’d like to be able to see the stats on each thumbnail?


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No, this is the page I was referring to:

The pages you get to when you click on one of these thumbnails give you access to the “edit model/analytics” toggle.
They also display “likes-downloads-views” numbers that are (now) worthless, at least as far as likes and downloads are concerned. I’ve never tried to follow the views evolution…
But, to get back to your question, yes, it’d be nice to get the figures without all the clicking that’s now required.

Thanks @franquin. Do you think it’s important for others to see your stats here, or just you the author?

@psaal, I really have no opinion in that regard, as to the generic viewer’s access to the data.
If anything, I’d say why hide it from anyone?

A case can be (and has been in other “social media” contexts) made that publicizing ‘like’ and similar statistics sometimes leads to unhealthy behavior. If I recall correctly, Instagram (which I do not use, FWIW) was considering hiding such statistics from the public. Do you like something mostly because lots of other anonymous people have liked it? Granted, the 3D Warehouse does not suffer much from “celebrity” and “influencer” problems as do other on-line media (thank goodness).

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Good point.