Missing email notifications for liked models / for Likes from SketchUp 3D Warehouse

Hello guys,

till now SketchUp informed me about each single “Like” I got for every single one of my created and uploaded models. Meaning user XY liked one of my models and in consequence of this action SketchUp send me with its email address no-reply-3dwarehouse@sketchup.com an email to my deposited Emailaddress with the subject’s message “XY liked your model”.
Recently I am not receiving any email notifications concerning “likes” anymore. Even “testlikes” didn’t show success.

Following sources of error can be excluded:

  • the email post box is not full
  • emails concerning password changes etc. can be received
  • all notification hooks are placed

Where is the problem?

Thanks in advance for your support!

We’ll check. Check your profile to make sure it wasn’t unchecked.

Hmm… I just got one. Login to 3dwarehouse, check your profile. If those are all checked, Private message me your user page, and we’ll check it out.

All of them were checked the entire time… But since this morning I am receiving Like-notification-emails again, wired.
In case the same problem is appearing again I’ll drop you a private message. Thanks!