3D Warehouse Stopping my Messages

SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse has a feature where you can send other users emails if they so choose to put their contact up. I’ve sent fellow 3D Warehouse users messages, but every time I do, SketchUp returns an email:

Other users can send me messages, but I cannot send a message to another user. This happens instead.

So what are you sending them? You can PM me if you don’t want to share.

So far, it does not seem to matter. I can send any range of things, and it won’t send. I typed “Are you receiving this message?” in the box, and sent it to a user, and it returned with the same message, without user credentials.

Looking into it. thnx

Has anything been done about the issue yet? :grimacing:

It’s being looked at, and I’ll respond here and PM you when it’s released.

So, I’ve now discovered that I’m not getting notifications from the 3D Warehouse anymore. Is the 3D Warehouse mucking with my email account?

I just tested with one of my models and yes, you’re correct. We’re efforting; be right back.

You should be getting them now. I’m going to write some alarms & tests to catch this before you do next time.

It seems that my messages are still being stopped… Have you fixed the original problem, or just the notification bug?

I must note that this problem hasn’t been solved yet, but instead of blocking my message without a reason, it now lists the user’s name and the message I sent.

Would you mind PM’ing me your User page URL? I’m struggling to reproduce the issue on our end, and I’m wondering if it’s a problem we’re having with your account.

I do know that it is a problem with my account. Other users have no problem sending messages to me.