Lightmap uv overlapping by 60% when export house model to unreal engine 4

Tried everything still saying the same thing used thru paint, paint bucket even went as far as texturing the whole model with one texture still uv overlapping issue at 60% though when I get a basic simple model like just a rectangular box and then texture it no uv issue but the big model it’s showing uv issue

I ran into this problem quite a few times. The uvs sometimes can be a pain…Some options to explore to fix it;

Does the material have a texture OR is it just a color? Without a texture, there are no UVs applied to the object in SketchUp. If you only need a color, create a material in SketchUp with a white texture and apply a size (1000x1000mm or whatever round number in the units you use) and mix that with a color in SketchUp. This way, the object will have UVs and UE will be happy

Did you apply the material on the faces OR on the group/component? Always apply the material to the faces for best results in UE.

Did you export the model/object using fbx OR datasmith?

A workaround I sometimes use when running into this issue is to group a small part of the object. For instance, object ‘inner walls’ is giving me UV issues in UE, in object ‘inner walls’ I create another group containing half of the walls. This sometimes ‘resets’ the UV issues in UE.

And finally, you could consider going to UE5 and use Lumen instead of baking lights. That way, you don’t need lightmaps anymore so UVs are not an issue for that anymore.

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Thanks a lot dude when you had such issues did you figure it out all on your own🤷🏽‍♂️

Glad it helped. Many problems you will run in to were already solved by someone in the past. So searching on the Unreal Engine forums and on Google almost always helped me solve it. If that failed, you’re on your own and just have to try pinning down the problem and look for some sort of a workaround.

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