SketchUp To Unreal Engine 4

Hello, does anyone knows the correct workflow to exporting from Sketchup to Unreal Engine 4, without having to go thru software like Blender or 3Ds Max? I am quite new to this and what from I have seen on Youtube is that the materials are not transferred correctly

See if this extension is still being worked on:

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Unreal Engine doesn’t support .skp file directly (as Unity does) and SketchUp is not much UV friendly, so you need to have that kind of workflow or use some plugins (such as PlayUp Tools).

Sketchup > obj > blender > add uvs > fbx > UE

This workflow works properly.
Ideally you should model in SketchUp and apply any material (so that face is recognised for lightmap calculation in UE), then for complex shapes correct & create UV maps in Blender, then export fbx to UE and finalise your materials.

Take a look at this thread for more info.

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You can also look at the BlendUp extension for SketchUp, with it problematic UV’s are a problem of the past / greatly reduced.


Yep! We’re still actively working on this importer. The “meat” of the project is an Unreal Engine plugin that directly converts skp files to UE. The web-based tool is just a frontend for this plugin so you don’t need to install anything on your own computer.

The one big caveat is that we do not generate lightmap UVs, so if you want to bake lighting, our solution can’t help. That said, we have had success with LPV and Nvidia’s VXGI for richer visuals without the need for lightmap UVs.

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