'light wash' effect?



Without using a rendering engine for proper lighting effects, is there any way I could create a simple light wash effect to indicate the presence of under cabinet lighting, concealed strip lights etc?

I’ve tried using a vague, almost completely transparent yellow-ish hue to fill an appropriately placed rectangle but it looks rubbish.

I suppose some sort of colour fade would help?

I’ve no idea!

Thanks in advance!



There isn’t a native lighting option other than the sun, which would be hard if not impossible to funnel into under cabinet lighting. The only way to show an effect like this is with a renderer.
Otherwise you could try to texture the cabinet fronts with the glow in the top part before applying that texture to the cabinets. (kind of like pre-baking) If you check “use sun for lighting” (without using the actual sun) you can affect the lighting quality somewhat, but its an overall effect. I set sun to noon to get light onto counter surface.

There are many renderers out there, but you could try Kerkythea (http://www.kerkythea.net/cms/)

The attachments show a rendered version and the cheated version…maybe it can help?


Thanks for that- it is v effective.

I’m trying to avoid a renderer… I’m happy with the un-rendered/with texture images I’m currently producing, so it seems a shame to have to use one just for this… I think you’re right though, probably the only option!

Cheers again,


if you don’t wanna shell out moeny (first) you may want try the free SimLab Composer Lite edition (stand-alone w/ SU integration plugin) or the Twilight Render Hobby edition (SU plugin), both of them allowed to be used for commercial purposes.



I’ve no issue shelling out if something is worth it. I recently sent just shy of £4k on a kitchen design package, and yet here I am, still in love with SU!

I’ll look at the two you have recommended!


I second the recommendation to try Twilight Render. We have V-Ray here now, but before that, I was using Twilight, and honestly, it creates spectacular renderings at a small fraction of the cost. For basic output, with the ability to control individual custom lights, it’s hard to beat. Even the full price at $99 is worth it.


Do you have photoshop? A simple gradient wash should work ok…you can play around with the layer styles like setting it to Lighten or Overlay as well.


Thats more like it! Whilst rendering is no doubt wonderful, that’s all I’m after!

Whilst I don’t have it, wifey does!



Thinking a bit more about this… you could achieve the same effect right in SU, no renderer needed. See below for how to insert a light wash png…then scale to fit under each cabinet. The dark colors in the model are achieved by setting the ‘Color by layer’ colors to grey and adding a dark wash as a background watermark.

Also attached is png file I used.




Thanks so much for that- it’s exactly what I was after!