Light up keeps crashing SketchUp

My SketchUp keeps crashing. I get my Lightup had expired tab. I hit Ok, then it crashes.
Any suggestions?

Uninstall LightUp or buy the license.

I cant get to the Extension manager to uninstall it it.

Mac OS X is 21 years old now (I presume you’ve got this wrong)

You’ll need to be on MacOS 11 and newer for SketchUp 2023 to run.

Go to ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp/Plugins and look for the folder and .rb file for LightUp. Delete them. Or rename the .rb file to .rb! The punctuation will prevent LightUp froom loading when you start SketchUp. If it’s something you want to continue using, that should at least keep you moving while you get the license sorted out. Then install a freh copy.

Of course get the OS version sorted. As @Elmtec-Adam pointed out, if your profile is correct regarding your OS version, an update is definitely in order.

Speaking of Adams…

@AdamB may be interested in your problem. No matter what state your LightUp license is in, it shouldn’t be crashing SketchUp.

Thanks for sending in the bugsplats. Adam, I can send you the crash logs if you are willing to take a look?

Hi Sam
Yes, it sounds like you have an older verison of LightUp installed that did briefly have an issue with using WebDialogs vs HtmlDialog causing problems.

Simple thing is update to a new stable version of LightUp (v6.11 currently) or as others have suggested you can temporarily remove LightUp from the plugins folder.

Let me know if you need any more help.


MacOS Catalina was the last MacOs X versión, it was released in 2019.