Sketchup 2022 keeps crashing om Mac Studio


I have this massive issue with Sketchup, since I’ve updated from iMac 2012 to Mac Studio. Sketchup continuously crashes. I’ve deleted & reinstalled Sketchup several times following these steps. But nothing seems to work. Sketchup and Mac Studio are both updated to the latest versions.
Sketchup: Version 22.0.353
Mac: 13.0 (22A380)

Is anyone experiencing the same problems? And does somebody knows how to solve this?

Here are the bug details as a rtf-file.

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I have been having this same exact issue and I have been emailing with sketchup support on and off for about 6 months and they have no solutions and couldn’t even say what is going on.

Today I downloaded the old version 2020 and the crashes have stopped. I suggest you do the same.

Sketchup 2022 is simply not compatible with Mac Studio and there seems to be no rush to find a fix.

Hello Gabriel,

It looks like I’ve found a solution: Daily Sketchup 2022 (22.0.315/ARM64) crashes on M1 based MacOS 12.2 - #8 by bradenp

Run Sketchup in Rosetta (right click the Sketchup app > get info > Open Using Rosetta). I activated this option yesterday and since then it didn’t crash anymore! While it first crashed every 15 min or so.

Hope this works for you to!

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Hi Bob,

Thank you for the solution!

It looks to be working for me. :slight_smile:

I am not a Mac user but if SketchUp requires Rosetta to run I would suspect that some installed extensions are not compatible with the Apple Silicon processors.