Daily Sketchup 2022 (22.0.315/ARM64) crashes on M1 based MacOS 12.2

we’re seeing multiple-times-a-day crashes on Sketchup 2022 (22.0.315 / ARM64) crashes on M1 based MacOS 12.2. They’re not localized to any module in particular and don’t seem to involve typefaces. This is latest Sketchup build. Any ideas?

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Well, it is not the latest build, there was an update two weeks ago (not listed in the releases, yet)
What do you mean with ‘typefaces’?
Are they using 3D text?

Here is the latest disk image, if you want to give it a try:


Corrupt typeface caches on MacOS are a prime culprit for application crashes, but the crash dumps in this case don’t seem to involve them.

Further experience with this Sketchup has shown crashes immediately after copy-and-paste operations. I’m still lost. I’ll try this unlabeled build first and see if that helps.

I’ll try it, thank you. But what is this link pointing to? Beta? Nightly build? RC? RC gone gold without documentation yet?

It’s the current 2022.0.1 release version.

Hi everyone,I click the launch browser again Button on my MAC,but there is nothing happen, how to log in my Sketch up Pro 2022 AC,Please!!

I would like to bump this thread. Also having the same crashing issue multiple time per hour.

M1 Max, MacOS 12.3, SU 22.0.353.

Tried removing all plugins, still crashes randomly.

Forcing SU to run in Rosetta (right click the SU app > get info > Open Using Rosetta) has eliminated the crashing issue so far.

Do you get any bugs-last? If you do, could you send one in?

I do a lot of my Mac testing on my M1 Max MacBook Pro. The only times I need to use Rosetta are when working with files that need to import IFC.

Do you notice any pattern to what you are doing at the time that it crashes?

I sent in at least 2 dozen bugsplats when I was running the first release of 22, haven’t sent in any yet with 22.0.353.

I’ll turn off rosetta and send one in tomorrow.

Didn’t notice any pattern, the crashes would typically occur every 15-30 minutes, but not like clockwork. Some crashes would be a couple minutes after starting sketchup, some would be 45 minutes later.

I didn’t notice any correlation to a specific activity, and the crashes would never be associated with trying to run a plug-in, just regular use of sketchup.

Any storage solutions you use?
Drop Box and Google Drive give me a lot of grief.

I do use dropbox. Have not tried working outside that folder yet.

Saving directly to the cloud has caused many problems. Save to a local drive then transfer to Dropbox. When opening, DL to a local drive then open in SketchUp.

Might be worth disabling it auto syncing or trying a different folder - if SketchUp tries to autosave whilst Dropbox is doing something to the file then that can cause freezes or worse, file corruption.

Also make sure your dropbox app is on the M1 version of the app

No cloud services are in play - projects are all saved to local volumes. Enabling Rosetta mode has decreased but not ended the number of crashes. All of the bugsplats have been uploaded to your collection service.

The only cuplrit is the sole plugin Vray, which is on the latest release. We do not experience any of these crashes using an identical setup on a Windows box.

Impossible to work. Sketchup 22.0.353, with or without Rosetta. Simply closing a file crashes SU. Copy paste into another model - definate crash!
Sent dozens of bugsplashes in the last week.

Even more interesting: Closing a file crashes SU. Opening SU reopens last open files. Closing a file crashes SU. Opening SU…you get the point…